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Ivy Earthbloom, a passionate vegan food expert from Oregon, holds a degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Oregon State University. As the author of, her vision is to inspire readers to embrace plant-based foods and adopt a compassionate lifestyle. With her expertise in creating delectable vegan dishes and making veganism accessible through simple ingredient swaps, Ivy is dedicated to transforming traditional recipes into vegan delights without compromising taste or quality.

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Vegetarian Ground Beef Substitute

Vegetarian Ground Beef Substitute

Are you new to the vegan lifestyle and have no idea what vegetarians eat as a ground beef substitute? Then you are in the right place. When you decide to navigate the vegan way of living your eating choices may seem a bit limited however it is just a matter of adapting and doing your … Keep Reading

Vegan Protein Substitute

If you are a vegan convert and struggle to find protein sources suitable for the vegan lifestyle, we hear you. The struggle is real when you adopt the vegan way of living, especially when it comes to your eating choices as it can feel as if you are left with very few options. So today, … Keep Reading